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I have tried the Herbal smoke blend, by Mr.Nice Guy.

I always said that I would never try that stuff. Well I did. I would like to warn any people that are thinking about trying any of these " Herbal Smoke Blends". I got the worse cough & mucus.

I've smoked a lot of things in my time , but this stuff takes the cake. The first time I tried Mr. not so Nice Guy, I got scared and threw the package away. That led to another try.

My suggestion- If you haven't tried any of the "Herbal Smoke blends", GOOD - DON'T. If you are using it QUIT, or at least use the minimum possible, If you start to cough try "Theraflu" "cough and cold Night time". I don't think we should trust the stuff. We should call "Mr.Nice Guy" - "Mr.

No Good". Last but not least a class action suit may be in order.

This cough that I developed is very bad, the cough is so intense I pulled some of the muscle's in my back.

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